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By Published On: November 17th, 2021

Mom’s purrthday was this past Caturday and besides receiving a dust-buster (which she is very excited about!), she really wanted Dad to fix the well pump. Kind of an odd birthday wish, but to each their own I guess.

Ya see, the purrressure in the house has not been keeping up as it should. So, Mom’s wish is Dad’s command. What should have taken an hour or so, took a good 24 hours to fix. The water at our house is really hard and Dad ended up having to replace every part imaginable just to get us back up and running purroperly.

Mom was getting annoyed with the inconvenience of it all. She said, and I quote, “…the dishwasher is quickly filling with dirty dishes, I have ump-teen loads of laundry to do, and we only get one flush purr bathroom?!” It’s a good thing we have family nearby so everyone could shower and use the facilities.

I wasn’t too affected by this inconvenience. Obviously, I am litter box trained, I bathe myself, and wear the same exact outfit evfurry single day. The only “bummer” was not being able to receive filtered water furrom the furridge. Instead, I had to settle for purified bottle water.

Now that the water is back, Mom has been giving the dishwasher and washing machine a workout. Dad rewarded himself with a nice relaxing bath. Ellie is enjoying letting the water run while she’s brushing her teef – she says all the water goes to the beach so the fishes can swim. Mom has resumed taking ridiculously long hot showers, which means I’m back on lifeguard duty; checking on her periodically.

It’s always somethin’.