An old family photo, a jewelry trinket, a child’s first drawing, or a stunning piece of fine art. Our sense of sentimentality and the love we hold inside for the things we make or that bring us precious memories can make these pieces come alive with a great design. Whether you want to brighten a child’s room or protect a fragile document, there may be more than a few items lying around your home that would benefit from the soulful enhancement of framing. At Gilded Moon Framing in Millerton, NY, they have the skills and materials to display and protect. Here are a few items that can add both an aesthetic as well as make a heartfelt addition to your home decor courtesy of Jill Choma of Gilded Moon Framing.

Artwork of any Kind-
A stunning frame on a piece of fine art defines the piece and helps bring it to life. A colorful frame of your child or grandchild’s first drawing adds personal sentiment to any room. Having frames customized to your preference is a great way to reflect your taste not only in decor and aesthetics, it also emphasizes the incredibly personal meaning behind these special items. As Jill recalls, “Some of my favorite pieces are the ones I framed when my children were young.”

A Glimpse into our Past-
Without proper framing and protection, it doesn’t take long for photographs to lose their color or definition. Old photos that have been mistreated and neglected can be saved and treasured with a classic design worthy of any family heirloom. Having your old photos encased in custom framing can add years to their proverbial lifespan and preserve their quality for a long time allowing for photos to be passed down through generations. It also protects your prized pictures from getting spoiled by dirt and fingerprints.

Objects from the Shelf-
Gilded Moon has framed many treasured objects like vintage tools and sports or military medals, jewelry, wedding memorabilia, diplomas, maps, records, children’s clothing, adult clothing as well as seashell and arrowhead collections. When you opt for custom framing, you can also take advantage of the extensive selection of materials that framing services have to offer. Premium wood, metals, and acrylic are some of the most popular materials.

Honoring our Pet Companions-
Pet memories are very special to the people that loved them, as are all memories of those who have passed. It can be a special feeling to surround yourself with items that will help you continue to feel that special kinship with your current or past pet companions, whether it’s joy, beauty, or memories of a loved place or moment in time.

At Gilded Moon, Mirrors can be designed in any shape or size to fit your décor, budget and space.

Established in 2004, Gilded Moon Framing offers expert archival picture framing for your fine art in a friendly and professional setting. Offering creative frame design, museum framing, installation, and art preservation services. Their design experts guide you through the process of creating your one of a kind piece with our extensive collection of beautifully crafted custom frames.
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