Bored yet?- so are we. Though we can all agree that maintaining our distance from the general population -especially those most vulnerable- is the safest way to ‘flatten the curve’, the prolonged sojourn can have the unwelcome side-effect of making us all feel like Phil Connors as one day slowly creeps into the next. The seemingly endless stream of news updates, political opinion, and social media inference is, for some people, the most horrifying version of I Got You Babe imaginable. Still, the valuable time we collectively covet during our normal 9 to 5 lives is now at our fingertips for the foreseeable future, and listless days don’t have to be spent entangled in digital subversion. There still exists a veritable encyclopedia of activities available for both the homebody hobbyist and the tight-knit family unit. Here are a few things to do to not only pass the time, but emerge from this modern hibernation a bit more fulfilled:

Reading- Yes Reading-

The first, and perhaps most common suggestion comes without pretense. There is perhaps no better brief time in our modern culture than now to dive into the wealth of wonderful literature written by authors both local and from around the world. Fortunately the folks at Oblong Books & Music have opened their online inventory of books as well as toys, games and jigsaw puzzles to residents across the region to order with free shipping. If you’re in the mood for tackling a few good books but just don’t know where to start, Oblong has you covered with its new Mystery Book Bundles. “People have been asking ‘Can I just give you $100 and you send me some books?’” says Suzanna Hermans per the Oblong newsletter, “the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Tell us what you’re into & we’ll send you some great stuff.” The grab-bag of great book bundles will be shipped free nationwide – and these bundles can also be given as gifts.

To check out Oblong’s massive online inventory and order something for yourself or a loved one, visit

Spring Cleaning- there’s no more excuses-

For most of us, the term Spring Cleaning has become a nice, fuzzy notion that has nestled comfortably into the American lexicon in order to help us celebrate the warmer equinox and look forward to longer days- without adhering to its implied physical requirements. Whether to avoid the at-home manual labor itself or the thought of staring into an abyss of winter clothing and nick knacks, most of us never actually get around to spring cleaning in its truest form. Thanks to our own Ashley Kristjansson, now there is no excuse, “When cleaning out your kitchen cabinets, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon some canned goods you will never end up eating yourself. If they of course are still in-date, consider donating them to your local food pantry – especially during this difficult time. If you’re like me, you probably have clothes stacked up in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, or, (though we hate to admit it) might even still have tags on them! There are so many folks out there that could use that t-shirt that is “so 2010”. Why not finally donate them? Besides, it’ll give you more room to walk into your walk-in closet.”

Getting Crafty-

We all know secretly how much time is swallowed up inside our phone. Between scrolling, liking and commenting there’s quite a bit of screen time dedicated to our eyes. Why not make good use of all those DIY videos we inevitably encounter and put our hands to work with a few crafting projects at home- and why not toward an immediate cause as well. The team at Haldora Clothing & Home in Rhinebeck, NY have been dedicating their efforts toward making face masks for Personal Protective Equipment with fabric and materials donated by Haldora. Similarly, sisters Courtney Saulnier and Ashley Marchand, owners of Lakeville Interiors are using their manufacturing equipment and skills as their primary weapon against the spread of COVID-19. Ashley and Courtney have begun sewing pleated masks at a rapid pace for folks throughout the area creating something of a social media sensation.

For either Window Shopping or Online Shopping Call Haldora if you have any Questions
Interested in helping support the efforts of Lakeville Interiors?
Send a message or email and the folks at Lakeville Interiors will find a safe, social-distanced way for you to chip in.
For more information on Lakeville Interiors, to buy a gift certificate, or to take advantage of their Distance Design Services visit

To Eat or Not- The Ultimate Question-

For many folks faced with the mundane malaise of another day sheltered indoors from the wet chill of the early April air, one nagging question lingers- Am I eating because I’m hungry or bored? There is no question that food can be the ultimate vice for many of us feeling as if there is not much else to do. Thankfully, there are many aspects to cooking and baking that can become family activities. Recipes can be shared and followed together between friends and family even over video apps to ensure safe and healthy distancing. Local renowned baker and author Jessie Sheehan may be just the answer for locals looking for easy, family fun recipes that yield sweet rewards.
Now more than ever might be the right time to temporarily abandon your dietitian’s advice and order takeout a bit more to support local small businesses. Particularly on a chilly day, a warm cup of soup and a hot meal might be just the thing to hit that proverbial spot without breaking the bank. At The Oakhurst Diner in Millerton, NY daily soup, lunch and dinner specials are being rolled out daily despite the financial pinch. From hearty soups like cheddar broccoli, to lighter fare like chicken salad and quiche, takeout at the Oakhurst and other eating establishments offer a brief escape from the house as well as a chance to ensure the future of those places we look forward to seeing again post pandemic.

Follow Jessie Sheehan on instagram for updates and recipe ideas @jessiesheehanbakes
For takeout or delivery from the Oakhurst Diner please call (518) 592-1313

Staying Active-

Being sequestered indoors does not automatically necessitate a conversion into the ‘couch potato’ guild. Being active and healthy can take place via the comforts of your living room thanks to live streaming apps like Zoom. Not just critical for the ever popular work-from home video conferencing, Zoom is allowing local yoga and wellness studios like Buddhi Tribe in Millerton, NY keep locals reinvigorated both physically and spiritually. Buddhi Tribe’s schedule will now reflect live online classes.
Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for class through Buddhi Tribe’s website or your MindBody app. But make sure the email associated with your MindBody account is one you actually check as the link to access the class will be sent there.

2) You can use your existing pass or membership – or wait until they reopen to use those and take advantage of their livestream rates for now. You choose what’s best for you.

3) 30 minutes prior to class you’ll get an email with a link to Buddhi Tribe’s Zoom classroom.

4) You’ll be asked to create a username. For your username, please enter your name as close as possible to how it appears on MindBody so the rosters match. You can choose to have your camera on or off – whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

For more information on how you can sign up for Buddhi Tribe’s live streaming classes email or visit

-by Griffin Cooper