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Whatta Day

By Published On: January 11th, 2023

Yesterday started off just like any normal day – Dad left for work, Mom brought Ellie to school but then she returned. I thought that was supurr sweet of Mom to take the day off to spend with me. She spent the morning pampurring me; petting me, scratching under my chinny-chin, gave me a sponge bath, brushed me head-to-tail, and cleaned my eye boogers. I was “feline” like a new man!

Remempurr when I ended 2022 saying I wanted to focus on getting my health back on track? I genuinely meant it and thought purrhaps we’d maybe revisit my health in ten months, not ten days into the New Year. I should have known better. Mom is hyper-concerned about my hypothyroidism, therefore she wasted no time following up on my health.

After the purrfect morning with Mom, she had the nerve to rudely awaken me furrom my afternoon cat nap. Against my will, she loaded me up in the carrier and shuttled me to the vets. I cried the entire way trying to tell her to take me back home but she couldn’t hear me ovfurr her ridiculous cat-mom voice that she thought was soothing me. Long story short, my health is indeed impurroving! I’ve gained a half-a-pound in a month, my upchucks have completely subsided, and my balding belly now has peach fuzz. Doc will call Mom with my lab results to see if I can be switched to a topical medication instead of a daily oral pill.

But get this! As if being at the vets wasn’t torture enough, Mom had the nerve to ask right in furront of me if getting a kitten would be a good idea. ARE YOU KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW, MA?! Of course it’s a terrible idea! Thank you sweet baby turkey Gods that the Doc gently let Mom down, admitting that I probably wouldn’t handle a kitten very well.

Whatta day. Until next week, furriends.