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When The Family’s Away…

By Published On: June 29th, 2022

Mom, Dad, and Ellie just took a trip to Iceland; purrimarly to visit family. Surpurrise surpurrise, they left me home alone fur an entire week with the exception of a daily visit furrom Nana around suppurr time.

I’m usually on my very best behavior when I’m home alone. I try to be mindful of the amount of fur I leave behind. I know how hard Mom works to keep the house spotless. On the occasion I see a bug in the house, I’m always polite and nevfurr kill it. I just leave it there to startle someone else later. Purrhaps what I’m most purroud of is (almost) always missing the carpet whenevfurr I have a hairball. TMI?

Purrhaps it’s because I’m about to enter my rebellious teenage years, but I wanted to see just how much I could get away with while evfurryone was away. Furrst I started with racking up the phone bill…to call the family ovfurrseas of course. I missed them like crazy! Next I was able to get Nana to spoil me rotten! The amount of pawty-mix, turkey, extra dry food, and back scratches I received was awesome! You sure do know how to make a grand-cat feel special, Nana! But purrhaps my most daring move was to jump up on the counter. I’m nevfurr allowed on the kitchen table or counter – its grounds fur punishment if I’m caught! I’ve got to say the view furrom up here is spectacular! Makes me feel like I’m the king of the house.

…you know what they say – when the family’s away, the cat will play.