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When will it be my turn?

By Published On: March 31st, 2021

When the TV is on at home, Mom is either catching up on her reality shows, Dad is watching UFC fights, car or nature shows, and Ellie either wants to watch Paw Patrol or purrimpresses.

Talk about purredictable!

Because I’m a cat, the laws of nature dictate that I’m obligated to sleep half the day away. What the laws of nature do not state however, is that once awake, I shouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to choose what I would like to.

Tom and Jerry fur example. Who doesn’t like to watch a good game of cat and mouse?

Rerun’s of My Cat From Hell is another good one. The show’s host, Jackson Galaxy, repairs relationships between pet parents and their furry felines. Luckily fur me, the show ended befurr Mom could ask him to come over to our house in order to investigate why I wake my parents up evfurry morning before daybreak.

What about some educational shows like Cats 101? Mom and Dad don’t know my exact breed, but because of watching this show they think I might be a Turkish Van. Purrhaps it has to do with my stature, the color of my fur, or my love of water (and by that I mean my sponge baths). I wonder if being a Turkish Van is why I love turkey so much?

Any who – back on track. I think its time fur me to control the remote.

What are all my furriends watching?