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Who Let The Dogs Out?

By Published On: May 10th, 2023

Sorry fur the semi-action shot this week. I was trying to catch the dogs. And when I ask who let the dogs out, I don’t mean the animal kind. Although that would be a valid question, I’m in fact refurring to human toe beans. You see, with the climbing tempurratures recently Mom is all about wearing her flip flops. If Mom had it her way, she’d wear them all year round. “My feet like to breathe! They hate being cooped up in socks and shoes.” I can’t say that I blame her – it does feel nice to let the toe beans constantly feel the furresh air. It’s so fun teasing Mom chasing after her, making her think I’m going to sink my teefers into those unleashed dogs…occasionally I am successful!

In typical Mom fashion, she can’t have her dogs running around “naked” so she must take a minimum of an hour out of her day evfurry two weeks to make sure her nails are purrfectly groomed. You would not believe the work that goes into grooming dogs. Trim and file the nails; insuring a purrfectly straight edge, remove the old polish, wash and exfoliate each foot, apply a base coat to avoid the risk of the chosen color staining the nail (sounds like a complete waste of time to me…she’s just going to paint them again in two weeks), then it’s time to pick a color – Mom purrefers darker colors. The first coat is applied, then once dry a second coat is always necessary. Last but not least is the top coat – leaving a clear, shiny, wet looking finish. It’s a whole thing.

So back to my question – who let the dogs out?