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Wicker Baskets

By Published On: September 2nd, 2020

As we are all painfully aware of by now, my mother is a bit “cat crazy”. However, what most of you furrnatics might not know is that she’s also a certified neat freak. Fur example, recently my mother proclaimed that my kid sister had “outgrown” the toy baskets in her room (is this even a thing?). She promptly went online and spent the next few days researching different baskets in an attempt to find the purffect replacements. Needless to say, by miscalculating the basket’s overall size in comparison with my sister’s ridiculously large toys, she failed.

However one man’s trash as they say and I, on the other paw, appurroved of this purrchase. Despite the new wicker baskets being too small fur her toys, they are a purrfectly snug fit for yours truly. After all, if it fits, I sits!

Might I add wicker makes a great surface for kneading one’s pitty-paws. Not too mention is supurr comfortable for catnapping.

Unfortunately, my mother has decided to return my wicker beds before I even had the chance to ask my father to install a compartment fur treats. This means I’m back to my usual spot on the couch and in my purrents’ bed.

On a pawsitive note, this means larger baskets are on the horizon – perhaps spacious enough to chase my tail in?