Popular Corn Maze returns to Willow Brook Farm. Area families looking for a bit of festive adventure this fall season won’t have to travel far to experience a memorable afternoon exploring the vast and creative corn maze at Willow Brook Farm in Millerton, NY. The farm itself is a fourth-generation dairy farm, each year the Beneke family begins planting their corn and designing the maze in May. With determined dedication to the design of the popular maze, Kenneth Beneke utilizes mowers to carve out the larger than life seasonal pictorial in the landscape of corn. Kenneth’s sister Heidi enjoys getting an insider’s perspective on the design ideas and knows first-hand the kind of dedication it takes to pull off such a massive undertaking, “My brother invests so much of his time and care each year to make this an attraction for our neighbors and families in our area, he consistently maintains the design with the mower and weed eater from summer to fall, a lot of time and work goes into it.”

Beyond the intricacy of the maze itself, Willow Brook offers a number attractions spanning the entire farm. Five years ago, Willow Brook opened its Farm Store and today, continues to sell their own pork, beef, eggs, the ever-popular sweet corn, gourmet groceries, a variety of cheese, local vegetables, fruit and gifts for the entire family. In addition to their growing farm stand, the Beneke family has opened its entire farm to the public offering tours of the acres of farmland and a unique look at the day-to-day operations of a modern, family-run, dairy farm. The growing popularity of Willow Brook Farm is proof that dedication to craft and fervent passion for providing generational quality is what drives local agriculture and the surrounding community has taken notice. As the holidays approach and in addition to their seasonal food offerings, Willow Brook also encourages everyone to register for a turkey for Thanksgiving and to stop by for every variety of holiday trimmings.

To experience Willow Brook Farm for yourself, stop by the farm at 196 Old Post Road 4 in Millerton, NY. The maze at Willow Brook is open Thursday-Sunday 10am-6pm, tickets are $7 and kids under five can participate free of charge. For more information visit thefarmstoreatwillowbrook.com