We’re in that delicious in-between period, where it can feel like summer one minute and early spring the next.

It’s the perfect time for a wine that’s not too light and not too heavy.

In other words, a Pinot Noir. And not just any Pinot Noir. A Hudson Valley Pinot Noir, because the climate here yields a more delicate and less berry-forward note than a California Pinot.

Millbrook Winery has a fabulous Pinot, which they describe this way: “This wine exhibits deep aromas of dark berry fruits such as raspberry and black currant with notes of soft rose petals. Flavors of cherry and plum intertwine to create a refined flavor profile with soft tannins which linger on the smooth finish.” Getting the bottle at the winery enhances the experience that much more.

Millbrook Winery – www.millbrookwine.com