Wines are interesting in so many ways.

One of them is in being shared. One of the nicest ways to share wine is to go to a local winery with friends.

That’s exactly what we did last weekend, and I highly recommend it for any weekend.

We went to Sabba Vineyard in Old Chatham, NY. One of the wines we shared was a Baco Blanc – a first for all of us. Baco Blanc is a French-American hybrid white wine grape. At Sabba it’s finished in stainless steel. Perfectly chilled, it tasted like a Pinot Grigio with an added layer of bright, fresh fruit. Delicious!!!

We enjoyed it so much in our tasting that we shared a bottle while soaking up the sun and listening to live music. An exceptional afternoon, made so with fine wine, good friends, and being together (again).

Three cheers.

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