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60 Years and Counting

By Published On: August 17th, 2022

Thank you all fur the purrthday wishes. I had a wonderful day catnapping, eating turkey, catnapping, snacking on pawty-mix, and catnapping. Mom and Dad can’t believe their furrst born is now a teenager, and Ellie was kind enough to sing happy purrthday to me. Aside furrom Mom smothering me in kisses, it was a purrfect day!

On a more exciting note, Mom, Dad, and Ellie just returned from Vermont where they celebrated Grammy and Grandpa’s 60th wedding annifurrsary. Aunt Judy and Aunt Doris (who also happen to be some of my biggest fans!) were disappointed I didn’t make the trek fur this supurr special pawty. But thanks to Mom’s photoshop skills, you’d nevfurr know the diffurrence. Sixty years of marriage is an incredible milestone that Grammy and Grandpa should be supurr proud of! It’s amazing to see what two people who love eachother so much are capable of creating in sixty years. If I was a betting kitty, I’d bet their favfurrite memory was back in October of 2009 when they found out they were going to be great-grandpurrents fur the furrst time. Now they can’t imagine life without me!

Furrom what Mom has expressed to me, she and Dad are just shy of a sixth of the way there themselves to sixty years of marriage – only fifty-one more years to go. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll make it with such inspurrational role meowdels.

Now if you’ll please join me and raise your water bowls to wish Grammy and Grandpa a very happy annifurrsary with many more to come!