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You have got to be Kitten Me

By Published On: July 1st, 2020

Pardon the pun but, you’ve cat to be kitten me right meow…

Evfurryone knows my mom is in the frightful process of training my kid sister to be a crazy cat lady and carry on this dubious family legacy.

She has SO many cat stuffed animals – which is all fine and dandy because —as we all know—  I am still my mother’s favfurrite kitty!

Recently, I ovfurrheard my Mom talking about someone by the name of Stella.

Who is Stella? And why does she make it sound like she’s moving in here?

After napping on this (a lot), I have come to suspect that my Mother has been considering bringing home another kitten – a real one!

Excuse me; but I’m the king of this castle!

Then again, this could just be another addition to the growing ecosystem of stuffed felines that inhabit my sister’s room. If this is the case then I regret getting my hackles up. After all, a mother’s love is unrequited, and this woman is obsessed with yours truly.

The simple truth is I love her just as much— but that can be our little secret.