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Zooming with Furriends

By Published On: April 8th, 2020

I’ve seen my mom FaceTime with friends and family a thousand times and have even purrticipated a time or two.

It’s cool, but so old school.

All the ‘cool cats’ are using Zoom chats now-a-days so I decided to take matters into my own paws and try it fur myself! It turns out its actually quite fun – especially with the windows open, it puts a little extra spring of excitement in my step!

You simply, wake up furrom your cat nap, and after arching your back – go over to the nearest door or window that you can see out of and look fur furriends outside. Once you’ve made eye contact, zoom furrom one window to the next, getting the best view you can – all while purraticing your hunting skills. Think of this a modern day twist to the ol’ cat and mouse game.

Did I mention this is fantastic exercise too? Howefurr, my mom isn’t too impurrrest with my new found hobby. She says I’m kicking up furr-balls and leaving scratch marks in the hardwood floor as I Zoom back and forth. But hey, if it weren’t furr this new fun zoom thing – my purrents would have never figured out we have a woodchuck living under our deck.

Looks like I just did my good deed furr the day!

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