Setting Attainable Goals is Key

Here it is! The the New Year we’ve all been waiting for. You woke up on January 2nd vowing that “THIS is the year I’m going to get fit, lose weight and fit into those jeans from high school once and for all!” You vow to cut out carbs, take 13 spin classes in one week, only drink water and vow never to eat a cookie or ice cream ever again! Then by week two you’re sick of celery, sore AF, tired, frustrated, and you actually ended up gaining two pounds! Just stop it already!

Get Real

Let’s be real this year. If you want to stay on track, set sensible goals that you can actually reach and you don’t have to go to extremes that are not maintainable to be healthy and well.

As we all put 2020 behind us, let’s take the time to think about what we really need and want in order to live a realistic healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you want to be able to pick up your kids or grandkids without hesitation or back pain? Maybe you would like to enjoy that delicious cheese plate with a glass of wine? Simply enjoying your favorite food and drink without feeling guilty before, during and after could be your goal? Or it could be as simple as being able to easily carry two bags of groceries from the car to your house?

Whatever you want to achieve, try to clearly identify your goals.

Check all that apply to you:
• Improved Strength
• Improved Flexibility
• Lose Weight
• Reduce back, or joint pain
• Reduce Stress
• Improve your overall mood & quality of life

If you checked any (or all) of the above, in the next four weeks I will lay out some simple steps that will help you change your habits and work towards your goals.

Try not to run before you can walk. Start off easy and build it up but make a firm commitment to MOVE MORE EVERY DAY!

Here are four quick and easy ways to move, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing:

The Quick Booty Workout You Can Do While You Wait for Your Coffee to Brew.

The 5-Minute Pilates Workout You Need to Try If You Sit All Day.

A 10-Minute Workout When Your Feeling Unmotivated.

4 Effective Arm Exercises You Can Do Anywhere.

Choose any 2 of these and do them for the whole 30 days – it doesn’t matter which 2, you can mix it up every day for fun.

Here’s a short workout video designed to gently wake up your body. Try and do this 3 times this week:


Check back next Monday!