Now you’ve started moving, it’s time to get your eating habits on the right track – starting with your pantry!

Congratulations! You made it through Week 1 and you’re now moving twice a day and incorporating a short workout three times per week. Now let’s tackle the food thing.

Your body needs good nutrition to operate at its best. If you binged over the holidays, had too many margaritas over the weekend, want to gain some energy, not feel so puffy and bloated, lose some weight, or you just want to get back to eating healthier again – a reset will help you. The first step is stocking your pantry with the right foods.

I was once a girl who stocked her pantry with sweaters, her fridge with a box of baking soda and her freezer with ice and tequila – none of these things are useful for making a healthy meal. My number one rule for stocking your pantry is to stock it with actual ingredients that you can use.

One of the most rewarding, healthy, lifestyle changes I ever made was making the decision to give my pantry, fridge and freezer a full makeover. This has saved me hundreds of dollars, unwanted inches on my waistline, and countless hours of wandering aimlessly around the grocery store. Here’s how to do it.

When it comes to what we “should” eat, I am the first to admit it’s confusing as heck. “Is it organic?” – “Does this have too much sugar?” – “Is this gluten-free?” – “Does it have too many carbs because I don’t eat carbs during the week (oh wait, I do eat carbs on Wednesdays).” – “Jeat 5 small meals per day.” – “Only eat within the hours of 11am and 5pm.” Sometimes it all just feels like madness, right?

So, the trick is don’t panic and start slow – just like last week. Get your pantry in order and then try my quick 3-Day Reset.

Body Be Well’s 3 Day Reset is a simple and healthy meal plan that uses real food. It includes smoothies (that you can use as a meal, a snack or not at all). If you prefer to chew your food, there are also plenty of plant-based, gluten free recipes with no added sugars that are super quick and simple to make. They are designed to help you reset and reframe your healthy eating habits.

That’s it for this week. Remember to keep moving because we’re going to step it up next week.

Here are two more short workouts to add to your 2 a-days from last week: