Keep it Going! Plus, Myth Busters for the “Pilates Curious.”

So now you should be moving twice a day and doing a short workout at least 3 times per week. You have restocked your pantry and you’ve reset your thinking about food. I bet you’re feeling so much better just from making these small changes.

The benefits and myths of Pilates
Pilates is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, or how old you are. It doesn’t matter your body type or hair color! Our youngest client is 12 and our oldest is 93! We train clients with scoliosis, clients who have had hip and knee replacements, disc issues, osteoporosis, who are overweight, people undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors and more.

Whatever you may think is “wrong” with your body – your body is never “wrong”!

We have an amazing, knowledgeable, and caring team of teachers at Body be Well. All of our Pilates teachers are professionally certified with over 650 hours of training hours under their belts – some of them are also trained in physical therapy. We can modify and tailor exercises specifically for you and your body so you can feel safe and strong during your workouts.

This week – keep doing your 2 a-days!

Here are two more workout to add to your routine:

If you’d like to try using the equipment or have questions, call us at 914.641.1110 or email me we’d love to see you in the studios!