Congratulations! You’re almost through a whole month. Now let’s keep you on track.

The trick to staying on track with any new routine is to mix things up. Changing up your daily workouts not only stops you getting bored, but it also exercises different muscle groups and keeps your body on its toes! The same applies to your diet. Change things up, try out new recipes, and don’t forget to treat yourself on occasion.

Here’s a great recipe from my blog for a healthy Sunday Night Football dip – the Superbowl will be here before you know it!

If you incorporate exercise and healthy eating habits into your life in a way that is easy and fun, after a while, they will become second nature.

Keep going with those 2 a-days we have you in Week #1 and continue your weekly workouts. Be mindful about what you eat. Support your body, and, most important of all, don’t forget to enjoy your food and your exercise!

To wrap up our January series, here are two more videos to add to your repertoire, giving you a total of 7 great little Pilates workouts that you can switch up each week:

Workout 6

Workout 7

Thank you so much for moving more with us and eating well. I hope you found the workouts and information fun and valuable and something you can use for your everyday health again and again.

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I hope you discovered how easy it is to just start moving and eating more healthily. Send me an email[] and let me know how you liked it, and please share and tag your “Body Be Well” hard work on Instagram using @chelseastreifeneder and @mainstreetmag and using the hashtags #bodybewellnutrition and #bodybewellpilates #mainstreetjanuary so that I can see your awesome successful progression!

Be Well and have a great rest of the year!