Shelter in Place: How Animal Services are Coping with Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many Federal and State mandates to order the closures of many businesses in U.S. towns and cities nationwide. In our area, nearly every school, gym, bar and restaurant have temporarily shuddered in compliance with State mandated ‘social distancing’ guidelines. Over the past few weeks, even large cities like San Francisco […]

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Fear Free Cat Transport Part 2

With some prior success getting Kitty used to the carrier, as discussed in Part 1, it is now time to take a ride to the Veterinarian! Be sure to apply pheromones in the carrier 15 minutes prior to her entry.  When it is time to transport, always allow enough time to regulate the temperature in the […]

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What You Feed Your Cat or Dog

Pet owners know that what you feed your cat or dog can be just as important as how much love and attention you give them. According to longtime dog owner, pet lover, and dog groomer Hayley Cooper, salon manager at PetSmart in Greenport NY., fish is the way to go. “Feeding your pets food with […]

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