Should You Invest in the Stock of Your Employer?


There is an old investing
adage, “invest in what you know”, but should you invest your hard-earned money
into the stock of your employer? The answer depends on a variety of factors,
but by following these tips you can reduce your downside and position yourself
to potentially reap great gains.

It may seem obvious,
but you should only invest in your […]

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ESG Investing Is Popular But Deserves Scrutiny

By Thomas Kostigen

Money flowing into investments that support environmental,
social, and corporate governance issues (ESG) is growing at a blistering rate.
That is cause for both celebration and concern.

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, ESG assets
under management (otherwise known as money that has been invested in the
capital markets and is being professionally managed) amounts to […]

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Two Flavors of IRAs: Traditional and Roth

By Lee

When it comes
to IRAs there are two basic types: traditional and Roth. The simplest
difference is that a traditional IRA defers your tax liability until you
withdraw from the account, while Roth IRAs take out your tax liability at the
time of your investment. But don’t tune out yet, there are a lot of other
things to know […]

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Private Equity and the High Net Worth Investor

By Peter Mastrantuono

Money has been pouring into private equity. According to
Bain & Company, a global consultancy, private equity assets swelled in 2018
to close out the best five-year stretch in the industry’s history.

Private equity is an umbrella term encompassing a wide range
of investment opportunities, including leveraged buy-outs, investing in private
companies, distressed funding, venture capital, real estate […]

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Sail Away: Three Reasons to Invest Overseas in 2019

John Drachman

U.S. stock portfolios brimming with positive returns this year why would anyone
invest overseas?

all, the S&P 500 is
up almost 20%

for the year through September 30 compared to the MSCI Ex-US and EAFE Indices at
12.1% and 10.5% respectively.

Capital Wealth’s market strategist Jeffrey Saut, a proven bear market
prognosticator, recently told MarketWatch, “There ought
to be years […]

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A 403(b) is a Bad Name for A Good Product

By Thomas Kostigen

It’s a terribly bland and boring
name for a financial product — any product, really: 403(b). Yet for some
reason, marketers have stuck with it, much like they have with the product’s
investment cousin, the 401(k). 

These alpha numeric titles are
retirement plans. The former, designed largely for teachers and non-profit
employees, and the latter, designed for most working […]

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Ashton Kutchers’ New Series on Student Debt: Good Start

By Nicholas W. Stuller

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Ashton Kutcher’s new reality show called “Going from Broke” which takes aim at the problem of the extraordinary debt that college graduates have accumulated. The 10-episode series which is shown on Sony’s Crackle streaming service focuses on the personal financial struggles […]

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The Uses and Benefits of Covered Call Writing

By Peter Mastrantuono

Most investors do not utilize options as a part of their
overall investment approach, even though different option strategies can be
employed to protect portfolios, leverage profit opportunities and create
income. One such strategy, covered call writing, can be used in IRA and
nonretirement accounts to boost income in a low-yield world.

Before diving into covered call […]

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Closing the Couples Age Gap

By Lee Sherman

It’s not unusual these days for there to be
a wide gap in age between life partners. According to the latest US Census,
nearly two in 10 married couples have a least a six-year age gap. While this
makes financial planning difficult (particularly if your goal is to retire at
the same time) it doesn’t have to […]

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