It’s been awhile since I initially shared with all of you that I signed up for Noom and was giving that a whirl. Well, I’ve since finished my three-month sign-up, and it was quite interesting. Though I may not have seen weight loss in terms of lbs, I took away something more important. Noom’s whole philosophy and approach to food (which I discussed in my last entry) has helped me feel so much better. And I mean that – I feel 100% better.

To coincide with my changing approach to food, I also watched a documentary – yes, another food documentary – called The Game Changers that is all about meat, protein and strength. For me, this was an eye-opening documentary. We’ve all been told that we have to eat meat, and that that is where we get our protein. This documentary turns that philosophy right on its head. Now, I know that many of our readers are avid meat eaters  and that’s all well and good! I too enjoy meat here and there… but after watching this documentary, I am thinking twice, and thrice, before I eat meat protein. And that is a personal choice that I have made.

In the last three weeks or so, I have stepped away from meat in a more conscious way. Instead I’m getting my protein from beans and other sources, and you know what – I feel great! My stomach feels lighter, yet full. I am less hungry. I have plenty of energy. I don’t feel lethargic. My body is feeling pretty good – and considering the COVID-19 stress I’ve been under the last four months or so, that is saying a lot!

And you know what has started to happen? I’ve been losing weight. Crazy, right? I really feel that Noom helped to propel me on this journey. Noom taught me new viewpoints and backed them up with facts and statistics. Noom got me to see food in a different way, while also backing up theories that I also had. I was living Noom’s philosophy to a large extent, but I just needed some guidance when it came to certain parts. I needed help in being held accountable about the type of food that I was actually eating. Thanks to Noom, I’m there. The Game Changers then further opened my eyes and understanding about the source of our food, and the source of our food’s food. I’m not saying that I’ve turned into a raging organic vegan, but you know what, I’ve taken steps to help me feel better. If I’m helping the environment in the process and supporting local farmers – that’s just more of a win-win-win!

What we eat and how we live our lives are our personal choices. We have to do what is best for us – although, COVID-19 is having us question that to some extent – we don’t all have the time or the resources or the want / need to eat a certain way, but as long as you feel good that’s all that matters. For me, this philosophy and adjustment in my diet has helped me feel better and I am excited about exploring it further.

Enjoy the summer days and all of the FRESH food that we can eat at this time of year!