Maintaining physical fitness can be a challenge for anyone. Whether it’s our diet, exercise routines, or just being physically active, our busy work and personal lives don’t always leave much time for ensuring our bodies are at peak performance. But, as local Spin Cycling instructor Kristina Shepard Proper explains, there are many types of exercises we can fit into our daily routines and, with a little determination, we all can not only look stronger, but feel healthier. I sat down with the busy mother of two to find out what exercise means to her and how it can be maintained every day:

GC: Why do you exercise?
KP: Well, it has a lot of different meanings for me. First, I want to be an example for my (two) boys. They see me exercise almost every day at home. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I need it for my mental stability. I’m impressed everyday, and grateful that my body can do what it does, the more I push it, the more levels it reaches.

GC: What does fitness mean to you?
KP: Fitness, to me, is necessary and there should never be an excuse to not have the time. It can only take 20-30 minutes, and I always allow for one or two days of rest within a 7 day period. It is however, important to rest and take time away.

GC: But how do you make the time?
KP: Everyone has the time during the day, sometimes you just have to make it. My favorite fitness quote is “One hour of exercise is 4 percent of your day, no excuses.”

GC: So what do you do?
KP: All kinds of things! However I do have a few favorite exercises. First and foremost, I am a Spin/Indoor Cycling instructor. I hold classes twice a week at KS Fitness in Hudson NY. Those classes are an hour each. When I’m home, all I need is a mat and a jump rope. I’ve spent all summer doing burpees, push-ups, and jumping rope 3-5 days a week.

GC: Any at-home exercises you recommend?
KP: Here’s a simple, but challenging routine that takes 10-20 minutes or anywhere in between, or even more it depends on you!

Minute 1- 5 burpees

Minute 2- 50 jump ropes

Then simply repeat for your chosen amount of time. Any remaining time after you’re done should be dedicated to rest. Challenge yourself by adding more burpees or jump ropes!

Check out Spin with Kristina once a week at KS Fitness located at 99 Industrial Tract in Hudson NY, call (518) 937-4802, or visit for more info.