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Minding your body should be both simple and delicious. Using wholesome and powerful herbs and adaptogens like turmeric and hemp, our Wellness Infusions will elevate your health and make it just that much easier to start that new daily ritual. Whether you struggle with insomnia, live with anxiety, are fighting a cold, are feeling drained or are looking to cleanse your body, we have the tea you need to help you feel your best. Discover our Hemp Infusions, Chopra Center teas, Mind Your Body Wellness Teas and Herbs, Herbal Infusions and Tisanes and Teas That Warm the Soul.

Hemp Infusions

Wellness of body, mind and soul is at the heart of our Hemp Infusions products. Our teas, sparkling water, tinctures, salve, lotion and more are all made with all-natural, from-the-roots-up ingredients. Find the CBD level and products that work best for you and experience the benefits of these handcrafted, honest and potent products.

Chopra Center

Harmonize your mind, body and spirit with our Chopra Center teas. Blended to reflect the Ayurvedic principles of the Chopra Center, the world’s leading experts in balanced living, these teas are created with ingredients that calm and soothe. Put the stresses of the world to bed with these relaxing, organic beverages.

Mind Your Body Wellness Teas & Herbs

Upping your wellness game has never been easier, thanks to this amazing collection of teas and herbs. From the surprising Avocado Sunrise tea, a mixture of avocado leaves, hemp leaves and herbs, to our latest wellness botanical, Golden Milk, made with a mixture of adaptogens and spices, these blends and others will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and rested.

Herbal Infusions & Tisanes

If you’ve been thinking of expanding your decaf routine, this collection of unique herbal infusions and tisanes will open your mind to the wonderful wellness world of these blends. With ingredients like beetroot, Chaga mushrooms, Ashwaganda root, turmeric, ginger, coconut, hemp and much more, you’ll find these blends invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

Teas that Warm the Soul

What is it about cinnamon that makes us feel all warm inside? Whatever it is, it’s why four variations of our popular Hot Cinnamon Spice tea are featured in our Teas That Warm the Soul collection: regular, decaf, herbal and green varieties, along with another heartwarmer, Organic Ginger Turmeric.

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