Wait, what? I can’t go to the gym? How will I survive?

These were my thoughts 2 weeks ago…

I teach spin at KS Fitness in Hudson, NY. I love it, I need it, it helps keep me focused and in shape. The days I don’t teach spin class, I do a pretty simple, partially intense workout routine at our school’s fitness center.

Over the past few years I’ve made jumping rope a part of that routine. I love to jump!

So, if you’re in the same boat as me, having the urge to exercise at home, do I have a routine to share with you!

It takes 30 minutes, I get sweaty, and I stay strong.

I will share with you the number and time frames for exercises,

but it’s all up to you- make it YOUR workout.

I do as many whole rounds as I can in
the following routine. Usually I can get through 6-7 rounds.

I start with 100 jumps with my jump rope.
Another option is to do jumping jacks, I usually do 50, or burpees, I usually do 10.



Then I do 10 double squat medicine ball
throws. I squat, stand to toss the ball up, and then squat back some to catch the ball. The double squat part comes from the catch and then the release. If you don’t have a medicine ball (and an old shed you’re trying to knock down) simply do some body squats.






Then, to the mat for some push-ups. I’ve
been working on these for a while, so I do sets of 20. You can do a modified push-up of any kind (use a wall, counter, etc).

For those push-ups, be sure to start with what YOU
are comfortable doing.








Then roll over on that mat for some
ab crunches. I do 25-50 ab crunches. There’s all different kinds of ab work you can do. A crunch, elevated leg crunch, sit-up, etc. I tend to switch up my ab work each round.







Then finally, a one minute jog in place,
or around your exercise area. Don’t forget to take a 30 second break after your jog.




Make sure to enjoy your fitness time each

Get out there and get some fresh air!