Sounds of Age

Somehow, “spring cleaning” got passed over this year. Perhaps it was the end of a strange New England winter and the slide into a rainy summer season that let the annual rite of purging slide by, unfulfilled. So, we decided to institute another annual tradition – fall cleaning.  

Closets are always a great place […]

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Portable Privacy

“It’s been quite a summer.” It’s an innocent enough line delivered by a total stranger, offered to pass a few moments while waiting for the barista to fulfil a request for a very large iced coffee. And, with brief reflection, the statement was quite true. Heat, humidity, raging thunderstorms, flooding … just the weather would […]

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The Sideward Glance, the Nervous Two-step

Near the end of the interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Dani Izzie put her life as a quadriplegic in clear, direct perspective: “I don’t want to go to the grocery store and have somebody randomly come up to me and say, ‘You’re so inspiring.’ Why? Because I’m at the grocery store? I want to be […]

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Teach Your Parents Well

Remembering Tina

When Tina “the Queen of Rock ’n Roll” Turner died recently, the digital music universe reverberated in tribute by presenting her feisty renditions of Proud Mary, What’s Love Got to Do With It?, and You Better Be Good to Me. Ranging from her early, turbulent days with Ike Turner to her supercharged career revival […]

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Love, loss, and a 1954 Hudson

We are a nation divided. Deep chasms have opened in our society, stretch-ing the boundaries of decorum and decency. It is not helpful that major corporations, those behemoths with countless resources, have taken sides in this debate, leaving individuals struggling to find and cement alli-ances in the face of seemingly relent-less advertising and incentives.

Politics? They […]

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