As an English native who ended up gardening in the New England entirely by mistake, my gripping about the length of the gardening season here knows no bounds. I will bore anyone with ears about it. However, the one silver lining to enduring our interminable winters here to then be slapped with an utterly miserable […]

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Setting The Stage For Holiday Decor

Having a discerning eye for design and a knack for presenting artful spaces isn’t only reserved for those who spend careers dreaming up posh interiors for homes fit for Architectural Digest. Most often, it is the anticipated family get-together or a special time of year that can inspire homemade design gurus everywhere. With the holidays […]

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Spring Flowers from Roaring Oaks Florist

With Spring in full bloom across the area and a gorgeous May weekend upon us, the time has come to officially herald an end to dark winter days and bring color to your garden. Fortunately for everyone with an affinity for green appendages in our neck of the woods, the folks at Roaring […]

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Mother’s Day Arrangements from Country Gardeners Florist

Flowers on Mother’s Day has been a traditional way to symbolize the love and recognition for mothers everywhere since time immemorial. In today’s era of social distancing and self-isolation, sending floral arrangements on Mother’s Day has become a small act that feels especially poignant. As local businesses across the area continue to feel the economic […]

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We Save Memories

An old family photo, a jewelry trinket, a child’s first drawing, or a stunning piece of fine art. Our sense of sentimentality and the love we hold inside for the things we make or that bring us precious memories can make these pieces come alive with a great design. Whether you want to brighten a […]

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Easter Week Gift Ideas with Roaring Oaks Florist

Easter Week has begun and apart from the religious observances taking place across the country and abroad, now is the perfect time to send loved ones a festive arrangement to celebrate the new season and to express your love during a time when otherwise families would typically come together.

Apart from some of the stunning arrangements […]

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Palm Sunday Arrangements from Roaring Oaks Florist

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and though those celebrating the Christian observance might find themselves doing so a bit differently this year, as per the Christian calendar, Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday immediately preceding the Easter holiday itself, making this Sunday of prime importance to those keeping the faith. Perhaps of just as much […]

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Easter Bouquets with Country Gardeners Florist

Shopping for Easter bouquets can only mean one thing- Spring has arrived. Despite a relatively mild Winter this year in our area, we can still take pride in saying goodbye to gray skies, cold temperatures and dreary days and hello blossoming landscapes, plentiful sunshine and hopefully, greener pastures ahead. To celebrate the wealth of nature’s […]

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