Easter Bouquets with Country Gardeners Florist

Shopping for Easter bouquets can only mean one thing- Spring has arrived. Despite a relatively mild Winter this year in our area, we can still take pride in saying goodbye to gray skies, cold temperatures and dreary days and hello blossoming landscapes, plentiful sunshine and hopefully, greener pastures ahead. To celebrate the wealth of nature’s […]

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Seasonal Bouquets with Roaring Oaks Florist

It’s never too early to begin dreaming of the potential beautification of your front lawn gardenscape or updating your spring curb appeal for passing neighbors or your own self-esteem boost. Fortunately for Spring enthusiasts, there are a variety of seasonal arrangements characterized by brilliant, effervescent flowers to choose from for every occasion. Whether it’s for […]

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Spring Cleaning with Ashley

We all have so much unexpected time on our hands right now – so let the Spring-Cleaning begin!

Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind as your attempt to scale the mountain of  your winter belongings:

– When cleaning out your kitchen cabinets, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon some canned goods you will […]

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Consulting for Comfort, Home, Life

Leslie Flood Interiors Evolves with Style. Nestled in one of the many nooks destined to be discovered by the interior design fanatic along Millerton, NY’s Main Street sits a business whose decades long presence in the village refuses to beget any resistance to its constant evolution in professional style. Established in 1991, Leslie Flood Interiors continues […]

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Fall is Time to Inspect Your Garage Door

Fall is one of the busiest times of year for garage door service calls as everyone prepares their homes for the winter months ahead.

As most people use their garage doors several times a day we don’t often think of the wear and tear seasons bring.  Garage Doors have a huge impact on the value as […]

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Summer’s on its way out – what should I do now?

by Lindsey Clark

As the seasons change and we experience the gradual shift from hot, sunny days, to slightly cooler weather, some homeowners are left stumped when it comes to what aspects of their outdoor space need maintaining. It just so happens that this transitional period can be a great time to spruce up many aspects […]

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