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Joseph Montebello is a freelance writer living in Litchfield County. He is a longtime contributor to Litchfield Magazineand has written for The Litchfield County Times,Berkshire Style, Bedford Magazine, Rural Intelligence, and AARP Magazine. He writes on many different subjects including design and architecture. He has also written many profiles on people in the arts, including Dani Shapiro, Frank Delaney, Roxanna Robinson, Agnes Gund, Ann Leary, Laurie Simmons, Marsha Mason, Peter Gallagher, and Christine Baranski.

Into the Woods

Mention designer Matthew Patrick Smyth and one conjures tasteful rooms, beautiful fabrics, well-curated furniture and antiques and, most of all, comfort. A place to call home. Smyth has had his own business for over 30 years and he is still one of the most sought-after interior designers.

Finding his true calling

Smyth did not start out to […]

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Positive Transformation

Growing up in Crosby, TX, a small town near Houston, interior designer Joshua Smith knew he wasn’t like the other boys and it caused him much pain and grief. He recalls his “pink sock” moment as an example.

“I had these new socks,” Smith explains. “They were actually a […]

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