Let’s Take a Trip

Wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere else?

Somewhere on the other side of the world, perhaps, where it’s summer turning into fall instead of spring turning into summer.

How about Argentina?

What a beautiful country, bookmarked by the Andes and the Atlantic. If we can’t be there in body, […]

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Back to Bordeaux

Last weekend called for a spring fling wine, white and wet and cold.

This weekend, however, we’re back to hibernating, and that’s ok. Let’s pop a Bordeaux and indulge.

You can’t go wrong with a red from this region in France, world-renowned for quality. It’s where the new Musee du Vin is located, too. You can visit […]

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Bright White Wines

Sunshine and summery temps call for crisp, bright white wines, preferably enjoyed outside while soaking up all of the above.

A recommendation for the weekend?

Go to a local winery and indulge in a bottle of something you might never have tried before.

At Milea Estate Vineyard in lovely Staatsburg, NY, you can try the 2019 Traminette, a […]

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For Easter…Pinot Is Perfect

There’s the succulence of a big California Cab; there’s the earthiness of a yummy Merlot; and there’s the perfect pitch of a lovely Pinot Noir.

With spring in the air and Easter tables laden with ham, lamb, young potatoes, asparagus, peas – or whatever! – Pinot is the wine you’ll want.

I love how this wine is […]

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Embracing Warmer Weather

Warmer weather calls for whites. Break out a classic can’t-go-wrong wine and welcome spring.

My choice?

A buttery California Chardonnay that slides through your mouth like silk and tastes like summer.

That would be a good ol’ Kendall Jackson, the Chard that made believers out of us from way back! Vivid, crisp and bright, Kendall-Jackson always delivers a […]

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Wine O’ the Week

With St. Paddy’s on a Wednesday it’s a party into the weekend.

I figured there had to be a cocktail that masterfully mixed the drink o’ choice for the Irish – whiskey – with the vin du jour of the rest of us – a simple dry red.

Of course there is.

And with the name of the […]

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A Pioneering Wine

With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8, it’s only fitting that this week’s wine selection is from Hudson Valley’s own Clinton Vineyards, run by a pioneering personality in what is now a booming Hudson Valley wine scene, Phyllis Feder.

Phyllis and her late husband, Ben, recognized decades ago that the Seyval Blanc grape could […]

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Putting Winter on Ice

February is nearly over, and our hopes improve for spring and its warmer temps and longer days.

But it’s not over yet. B

Before we all kick winter completely to the curb (at least in our wine glasses), let’s celebrate with something so delicious it’ll rekindle your love of the cold.

I’m talking about ice wine.

It’s made from […]

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Love is in the Glass

Hallmark holiday or not, who can resist a move to more love?

Here’s the Wine of the Week sure to delight and stimulate:

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops for seduction. Those include, of course, wine and chocolate (and so much more, but that’s for your imaginations to come up with!).

The […]

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Summer Dreams

I’m staying with wine from warmer climates this week so that at least my palate can pretend it’s summer.

I love picking wine by the label, and that’s how I discovered this week’s all-around winner. It’s Lisbonita, with an irresistible drawing of a trolley car full of winos heading toward the sea in Portugal.

I want to […]

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