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Ian Strever is an outdoor enthusiast who moved to Falls Village five years ago to become the Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. He has explored the local area on foot, on bike, on ski, and on snowshoe, and has written about it for The Lakeville Journal and on his blog, outdoorsct.wordpress.com. He graduated with a BA in English from Albright College, and MA in English with a Writing Focus from Western Connecticut University, and a MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Bridgeport. He has taught English at the high school and college levels, and his prose and poetry have appeared in a number of publications for nationwide audience

The Trail Less Traveled

It’s a brilliant fall morning. You wake up, look out the window at the maples ablaze in yellow and decide to go for a hike. You throw a water bottle and a granola bar in a day pack, lace up your trail runners, and dash to the nearest trailhead, only to find it crammed with […]

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Border Wars

Deep in Mount Washington State Forest is a waist-high piece of granite. Intrepid hikers with a few hours to burn can reach it without too much trouble for the experience of standing on three states at once. Position yourself on one side of it, you’re in New York. […]

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A Culture of Cultures

What does an animal make of a pandemic? On various early morning bike rides this spring, I’ve startled foxes and bears as they saunter along our unusually quiet country roads, no doubt pleased that our iron horses have yielded such amiable byways to them. My stealthy approach catches […]

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LaBonne’s – Your hometown market

These days, there are some places you just don’t want to go, and then there are places you just shouldn’t go. In his recent interview with the master of macabre, Stephen King, The New York Times’ David Marchese went to the latter.

He challenged the horror writer with an […]

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My Transfer Station

I love my transfer station, and I’m not the only one. There is something cathartic and freeing about dropping off one’s refuse at a site distant from one’s own house, but not too distant. Most of my life, I lived in places with trash pickup, where the handoff […]

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Read This Article About Puppies

You fell for it, didn’t you? You saw that banner of adorable, impossibly fluffy puppies, and you couldn’t help but read on. Coupled with an enticing title and some nifty rhetoric, you’re now drawn into an article about an animal only a mother could love.

“What’s that?” you’re probably […]

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Odds are, you are probably related to someone like my brother. Given the choice between buying groceries and buying tickets to see the band Phish, he’ll bum a hot pretzel off the guy next to him at the concert. At this point, he’s seen them over eighty times, […]

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