Talk of the Towne: Feeding the Millerton Community for 18 Years

If you’re familiar with Millerton, NY, then chances are, you’re also familiar with the Talk of the Towne deli, located off Route 44 near the NY/CT border. 

Sisters Mary Hosier and Sandy Sherman the owners of Talk of the Towne, are no strangers to food service. They previously ran the Village Diner in Millerton for […]

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Dassai Blue is Sake Gold

It was a beautiful day for a scenic drive from Troy to Hyde Park, through Rensselaer and Columbia Counties into Dutchess County. I was traveling with a special friend, sun roof open, soaking up the sunshine and gasping at how green everything was for mid-May. All was right with the world on that sunny […]

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A Red Fox’s Guide to Eating In and Around Poughkeepsie, NY

This past May, I graduated from Marist College with a BA in English writing. Despite an unconventional start to my undergraduate career because of the pandemic’s restrictions and fears, it was an extremely rewarding four years. I was able to form an incredibly supportive community and pursue fulfilling academic opportunities that I would not have […]

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Prepared Food Stores Round-Up

We all live a life on-the-go nowadays, with little time to slow down even for our meals. This is especially true if you’re someone who is constantly on the road for work. For those of us who are constantly in motion, we’ve rounded up a list of the best places for grab-and-go and […]

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Berkshire Food Co-Op Holiday Prep Tips

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we’ve reached out to some of our local markets and restaurants to give us their favorite holiday food preparation tips and recommendations. The Berkshire Food Co-Op has given us their favorite holiday prep tips below!
Turkey Tips:
  • Choose a turkey that’s about 1lb for each guest when weighed raw
  • If frozen, […]
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