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Ahh January – here you are again. My favorite month – not! Horrible weather, not enough daylight, no outside gardening, and all those infernal good intentions. Not that there is anything wrong with facing the new year with optimism, fortitude, and enthusiasm; it’s just that feeling come mid-February when we have maybe not kept on […]

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Here we are again! Christmas time and apparently open season for my kids to try their luck at asking for anything and everything that’s nabbed their attention for even a nano-second over the last 12 months. Gone are the days of hoping that they will like their surprise – if it’s not on an […]

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Pots of Gold

I’ve been thinking a lot about pots recently. As I write this, the first frost warnings are being whispered on all my fellow gardeners’ Instagram accounts. My bulbs, ordered way back in June when caution is always blown to the wind as the lessons of just having harvested 8,000 tulips are blatantly ignored, have started […]

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For those who aren’t aware, this magazine has a … well, could we call it a sister media source? Main Street Moxie is the name of our podcast, which launched in January of 2022. We are about to wrap up our second season and what a year it has been! I wanted to take a […]

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Planting More Than A Seed

Autumn might not seem like the busiest time in a gardener’s calendar. Surely with the fading of blooms and dropping of leaves, this must be a quiet time compared to spring and summer. Actually, few things could be further from the truth. Fall is on a par with my busiest spring weeks. You’d be […]

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