Supporting All Students: Gaschel-Clark and Holmes Start their New Positions in Region One

This July, my mom, Rebecca Gaschel-Clark, and her new colleague, Ashley Holmes, began their new administrative roles as Director of Pupil Services and Supervisor of Special Education, respectively, in Region One (CT). I spoke with them to learn more about how they first got into the field of special education, what these careers mean to […]

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Balancing Change and Tradition

There’s a whirlpool of change currently swirling around the communities of the Hudson Valley and the neighboring townships of Berkshire and Litchfield counties. The events of the past two years have taken what was only recently a noticeable but measured trot from tradition to change in our area and has accelerated at a confusing pace […]

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Driven to Lead

How do you measure fortitude? It is a unique human attribute in that we all possess some measure of it, yet many of us rarely utilize this internal strength to its fullest potential. Even more poignant is the distinct imbalance between those who must retain fortitude in order to simply move forward in their lives. […]

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Going Home Again

There’s a groundswell taking place within our snug corner on the edge of the New England corridor that, despite feeling overwhelmingly personal for our area, holds a mirror up to an entire nation feeling the anxiety of living affordably. Months into the unexpected era of pandemic lockdowns, families who had been working in the upscale […]

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Robbie Cooper

Perhaps no time period encapsulates the nation’s attitude towards government more than the past four years. On the heels of one contentious Presidential election, the country descended into vitriolic divisiveness, platforms like social media flaunted their ugly angles while friends and neighbors swore each other off. After four years of political tensions burning off a […]

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New Chef Presides Over Troutbeck’s Kitchen

SIMPLE, ELEGANT, INVITING. Since Anthony and Charlie Champalimaud completely re-did, renewed and re-invented Troutbeck, the magnificent country inn and restaurant mid way between Sharon, CT and Amenia, NY, there have been many reasons to pay the property a visit. The dining room continues to be at the top of the list, and a new chef, a […]

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