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January 2020 Recipe – Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

There is no question that I am a huge French toast fan and have been since back in the day. However, I did not grow up in a home where much energy or time was put into breakfast-making. In fact, we ate boxed cereal and my brother and I could not have been more on board – though we were not permitted “sugar” cereals, and from that injustice I am still reeling. But on the rare occasion we were served something special, it was always […]

January 9th, 2020|Jessie’s Monthly Recipe|

December 2019 Recipe – Truffles

I am a huge fan of anything involving peanut butter and chocolate, and if you add Rice Krispies into the mix, well then I am truly just over the moon. These easy-peasy candies, or, as I like to refer to them when I’m feeling fancy, “truffles,” are an excellent holiday treat to gift a host or hostess, to bring to a tree-trimming potluck, to have on offer when friends come round, or, to enjoy straight from the freezer whenever the urge hits (which, in my […]

December 9th, 2019|Jessie’s Monthly Recipe|

November 2019 Recipe – Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

As I have mentioned before in the pages of this magazine, I am not one of those folks who waits around all year for pumpkin season to arrive. This is not to say that I have anything against fall. I adore autumn and all of its accompanying holidays and sweets, but I am not a huge pumpkin fan (sorry haters) and most definitely not a fan of pumpkin pie. However, I AM a fan of preparing and serving up sweets that appeal to the masses […]

November 1st, 2019|Jessie’s Monthly Recipe|

October 2019 Recipe – Apple Cranberry Crumble

If there are two camps – the pie camp and the crumble camp – then I think it is fair to say I am very much Team- Crumble. Do I love pie; making it, sharing it, eating it, etc? Why, yes, and if it is à la mode, well then all the better. But what I really love is when softened, lightly sweetened – and perhaps spiced – fruit is topped with a buttery sugary crown (no oats, please) and served up warm in big […]

October 23rd, 2019|Jessie’s Monthly Recipe|


Brut Rose Cava

New Year’s Eve is behind us, and 2020 is here. Don’t let the celebrations draw to a close too quickly. Remember that bubbles do make everything better – the more the merrier! Here’s a fun and affordable bottle that’s not only delicious, but has an equally delightful history. This Brut Rose Cava, a blend of Garnatxa, Pinot Noir, and Trepat, is what the Spanish artist Salvador Dali served at his parties. And you can serve it at yours. Let the fun flow!!


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Making Your List and Checking It Twice

‘Tis the season for lists, alright! Not only your own, but ones that start coming out with end-of-year recommendations or specials. Here’s one that is well worth sharing, as it features a Hudson Valley wine among a global line-up:

The Passionate Foodie Blog listed his Top 10 Wines Over $20 from around the world and – lo and behold – this one made the list: “2016 Hudson-Chatham “Block 3 North Creek Vineyard” Baco Noir ($24.95). Produced in the Hudson Valley of New York, this Baco Noir […]

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Here’s some wine fun

I was at a Wine Swap last night with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. All attendees brought a wrapped bottle of wine that was put on a large table. Everyone pulled a cork with a number on it. When it was time, the numbers were called off and people chose one bottle from among the copious selection. When all were picked, everyone was given the ok to unwrap their bottle. People could then go around the room and, if they had a request card, […]

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Gobble This One Up if You Can

This week’s wine news is taken from an announcement I got from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation about a “Top Wines for Thanksgiving” list that was published on It’s about New York State’s own Wagner Vineyards Riesling. I’m going to try to rustle up this one right away. But I’m glad to know that dry Riesling is also available from other more local wineries in the area, so I won’t despair if this particular one doesn’t find its way to our Thanksgiving […]

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Look for a “Wine of the Week” review by Dominique and Carlo DeVito of Hudson-Chatham Winery. Besides owning the winery, both have backgrounds in food and wine publishing. Carlo writes a blog called “East Coast Wines.” Their winery and vineyard are based in Ghent, NY. Cheers!



Morgan’s is a little hide-away on the outskirts of Lakeville, CT, at the Interlaken Inn. They have recently renovated their restaurant and it’s a great little place to go for meetings, dates, and family dinners.

We went there on a beautiful summer Sunday evening, with kids and in-laws in tow. There were a handful of folks at the bar, with about half of the tables occupied in the restaurant – we’re early birds. The atmosphere is … well, for lack of a better word, “fresh.” It […]

August 11th, 2019|Restaurant Review|


The Marketplace is located across the bridge from the Main Street area of Great Barrington MA. For those of us with a longer memory, it’s located where Friendly’s used to be. How they’ve transformed the once chain restaurant location is amazing. I had driven by a few times, even checked out their website and had meant to go. So on a Tuesday, my mother’s birthday, we had a girls’ day and headed over to Barrington and made Marketplace our lunch destination – not really knowing […]

August 11th, 2019|Restaurant Review|