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December 2020 Recipe – Meyer Lemon Upside-down Cake

Upside-down cake is one of my all-time favorites to bake due to its stunning good looks, its easy-peasy assembly, and its scrumptious caramelized fruit topping. Perhaps the most famous of the upside-down cakes is that of the pineapple variety (and truth be told, I’ve actually never taken a stab at one), but I have made them with bananas, peaches, sour cherries, and plums – to name a few. All are delicious and all basically call for the same easy steps: melt butter and sugar in […]

November 25th, 2020|Jessie’s Monthly Recipe|


The Perfect Thanksgiving Wine

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!

Must. Have. Wine. My advice? Gobble up Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Riesling has been called the perfect Thanksgiving wine because it goes so well with so many different flavors, and all of our feasts

include lots of those! A nice, dry Riesling is best, but one with a bit of residual sugar is nice, too.

For red, a Pinot Noir is the best choice for the same reason. It won’t overpower the subtle flavors from whatever starters you […]

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Let’s Talk about Savona’s: When Taste Exceeds Expectations

As not only a writer here at Main Street Magazine, but also a proud deliverer of this esteemed publication, I find myself traveling the Hudson Valley each month leaving stacks of the latest issue here and there. Inevitably, while I’m poking in and out of the various towns and villages of Columbia and Dutchess County, I find myself scouting and rubber-necking each eatery that happens to catch my eye. Given the gap between myself and foodie hall-of-famers like Jonathan Gold, my laws of […]

October 7th, 2020|Main Street, Restaurant Review|
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