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Hunt for Rainbows brings Hope to Area Residents

Despite the inherent stress, underlying fear, and instinctive pessimism brought on by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic causing the shuttering of daily life across the region, hope springs eternal for area residents and families in the form hand-made rainbows that have begun to dot the landscape. The rapidly growing 518 Rainbow Hunt Facebook group has connected the figurative hands [...]

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School Closures could Spawn New Era of Distance Learning for Educators

The sudden and unprecedented arrival of the COVID-19 virus resulting in the onset of wide swaths of school closures across our area has understandably sent many educators and families scrambling to find solutions to problems that were unimaginable mere weeks prior. Now, in the throes of pandemic, many questions still linger for local institutions as well as the students who [...]

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Adapting to Aid- Lakeville Interiors Restructures around Helping those in Need

In just a few short weeks, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic throughout much of the tri-state region has forced many small businesses to change the way they operate and adapt to an uncertain economic present. Those who have not been deemed ‘non-essential’ and have not been mandated to temporarily close their doors have had to shift their mode of [...]

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Salisbury SVNA to Provide Care Through Duration of Pandemic

For over a century, the Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association in Salisbury, CT has been at the doorstep of area residents in need of home health or hospice care. In the years since its inception, the Salisbury SVNA has effectively become the oldest and most comprehensive home care, hospice and private care agency serving all of the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. [...]

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