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The Birth of the National Park System

George Catlin hated the law. He was seventeen years old when his father sent him to study at the Litchfield Law School. The elder Catlin was born in Litchfield County but after he completed his legal studies under Judge Tapping Reeve, he moved to the fledgling community of Wilkes-Barre, PA. There, young George Catlin met […]

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Litchfield County’s Railroads

Connecticut, long known as the Land of Steady Habits, came late to the railroad craze that swept the country in the 19th century. In fact, neighboring states had to prompt Connecticut into its first railroad ventures. When completed, however, these lines provided both a much more efficient means for the industrial and agricultural products of […]

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It’s a phenomenon most have encountered. The first light snowfall of the winter season fails to accumulate on our modern roadways, but the perceptive driver notes a white dusting that outlines an ancient roadbed in the adjoining woods. Nor is this the only extant vestige of a prior […]

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