Keeping the Faith

Within the last few years, many of us have experienced challenging times. With the arrival of the pandemic, we’ve all faced varying amounts of uncertainty, fear, and the effects of isolation. Many of us were overburdened as we juggled our jobs and the demands of family life during a time of remote work and home […]

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HOT for the summer! Look no Further for your Top 5 Summer Romance must-reads.

It’s time to get HOT for summer with these top 5 summer romance books. We’ve partnered with Oblong Books & Music to bring you our 5 favorite authors and their books that are sure to raise the mercury.


These books are sizzlers – you’ve been forewarned – so find a quiet spot, a wine glass in […]

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Critically Acclaimed Local Author Phoebe North Adds Strange Creatures to Celebrated Young Adult Collection

Writing from their home in the Hudson Valley, author Phoebe North, graduate of the University of Florida’s MFA program in poetry, gears up for the release of their brand-new young adult fiction novel Strange Creatures in June. North’s latest outing focuses on the characters of Annie, her […]

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Best-Selling Hudson Valley Author Poised for New Release

After thirteen novels, it may be tempting to describe best-selling author Jennifer Donnelly’s career as something akin to a literary fairy tale. However, like many aspiring creative minds whose ambitions venture into the fictional realm, Donnelly’s journey has taken her down many arduous roads. Donnelly was born in Port Chester, New York. Eventually, […]

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Author Bill Clegg

When I wrote about Bill Clegg’s first novel Did You Ever Have a Family here in 2015, I’d lived in the northwest corner of Connecticut for only a few years after living much of my adult life abroad. The book had been shortlisted for a Man Booker prize that year, one of publishing’s most celebrated […]

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John Sayles is internationally recognized as a fiercely independent filmmaker.  After appearing on the radar of the film establishment with his first feature “Return of the Secaucus 7,” he built a career and a string of celebrated feature films by doing it, as the old Frank Sinatra song proclaims, “my way.”

There were scripts to write […]

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10,000 Miles of Life in an Afternoon

Author Charlie Bell recounts his heartfelt run around the US.  What would you really like to do tomorrow? Moreover -since we’re getting philosophical- What would you do if, for the next two years, you could do whatever you wanted to do, what would you do with your life? These are the questions Charlie Bell, author […]

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