Eco-Anxiety: The Environmental Issues We Face, the Human Anxiety About It All, and the Ways We Can Make a Difference

In the most romantic day of the year, February 14, The New York Times published a love letter to me. It moved me, pulled at my heartstrings, and set flight to butterflies in my stomach. 

The title of it was, “A Collapse of the Amazon Could Be Coming Faster Than We Thought.”

Awe, Times. You […]

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Food Waste

Ever paid any attention to how much and how food goes to waste in your household over the course of a week? No matter whether it’s a family of one or of 13, it’s going to happen. The question is, to what extent? And what are the impacts on your household finances and the global […]

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Housatonic Valley Association Installs Rain Gardens in Dover

The Housatonic Valley Association recently installed two rain gardens on the McDonald’s property in Dover Plains, NY. The purpose of the rain gardens is to protect streams from pollution coming from Route 22 and filter the stormwater that is collected from the McDonald’s roof and parking lot. 

“This is incredibly progressive landscaping on the cutting […]

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The Many Planets of Lothar Osterberg

Stepping into the red barn where Lothar Osterberg and his wife, Elizabeth Brown, live feels otherworldly; one has the sense of a journey’s beginning. After migrating from Brooklyn, they rebuilt their home and studios into this hand-hewn building – a shared collaboration of space, life, and creativity. Elizabeth is an extraordinary musician, composer, and teacher, […]

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Pelvic Health at Danica Center for Physical Therapy and Movement Education

You may have heard the term “pelvic health” floating around more frequently, but what exactly is pelvic health? How do you know if you need pelvic floor physical therapy and what does it entail? I sat down with Dr. Bente Dahl-Busby, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of the Danica Center in […]

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Stonewood Farm Addresses Food Insecurity in the Hudson Valley

Stonewood Farm, located off of Bangall Road in Millbrook, NY, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that champions environmental stewardship, social justice, and community well-being in the Hudson Valley. 

Prepping for the upcoming season

With the weather warming earlier and the growing season rapidly approaching, […]

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